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Because our trade prices are so competitive, everyone wants to pay trade prices.  To avoid this, we need to identify bona fide trade customers and allow them to log in securely using their own unique password.

When you log in this way you'll be able to see prices, place orders and manage your account.

Applying is easy and fast - all in just 2 simple steps . . . PLEASE don't forget to complete BOTH steps . . .

(1)   email us at info@cake-stuff.com with the following information:

  1. your name
  2. business name and full postal address
  3. contact details (phone / fax / mobile contact / email address)
  4. your website
  5. brief details of what it is you do: eg florist, highlandwear retail etc

We don't need chapter and verse - just a couple of lines about what you do, and we promise no-one is trying to "vet" you . . . we're building up a register of trade customers so that in the near future we can actually send business your way!  Not every retail customer want to order on-line and many ask about associated products, so we're happy to direct these enquiries to the nearest trade customer(s) - if it helps you, it helps us.

(2)   Once you've done this, please hit LOG IN (top of page) and register as a NEW CUSTOMER.

Set your own unique password (keep it safe as we don't get a copy!) and we can then approve your application, normally within 1 working day at most  You only ever have to enter these details once so that any time you visit in future, logging in will be very fast, allowing you to place orders at any time of day or night with the minimum delay.

Unlike most other wholesale supplier, there is NO minimum order, but a small premium is built in to the shipping costs of very small orders such as a single reel of ribbon.  Most cusrtomers order several reels at a time, so enjoy the best value.

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